Investment Process

Selecting sectors within media and gaming with substantial locked values, such as the online gaming industry:

  • large and highly fragmented industry
  • cash flow problems due to overexpansion of individual actors
  • high affinity to digitalization
  • value creation via professionalizing, scaling and technology

Acquiring in (potential) leading sector champions that represent an ideal platform for consolidation and growth.

Searching for and acquiring bolt-on’s that can be integrated and will lead to synergies, scale and/or other competitive advantages. Preference for distressed companies and assets with sustainable revenue streams, which lead to best ROI.

Restructuring, integrating and merging the companies into a sector cluster that becomes more efficient the larger it gets; eg. using purchasing economies of scale.

Developing and growing the company clusters organically by investments in organic growth; eg. new customer acquisition, internationalization.

On top of that investing in competitive advantage of the company clusters to improve the growth potential versus competition; eg. using disruptive and new technologies like cloud computing and streaming.

The company clusters that are being created than, in a later stage, can be IPO’d, sold or listed.